Artist residency at St Mark’s Church School – Week 2

In Week 2, we have been looking at central ideas that guide each class in their explorations through the term. With Year 7, we looked at how we can express our individuality through art. I talked about Drawing It Out, where I drew people and invited them to just be themselves; moving, talking, stretching, and I would draw whatever they offered me.

1 Drawing it out 3

Then we drew each other in pairs at the same time – an impossible task! Each person moving, we focused on honesty and trying to capture what we could really see;

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With Year 5 we brought their theme of exploration to touch, investigating the texture of fragments from my studio:


Year 3 are looking at how we can use art to express who we are and how we view the world. We talked about values, and made soft oceans of kindness and love, two of their most commonly chosen values. And got colourful hands!



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