Week 5 Artist residency – St Mark’s Church School

We are rocking through the term, and loosening up all the way. This week we learned techniques for building our compositions more densely, by repeating colours and shapes that were already there. We are working on sticking with our artworks, building and layering. Adding lighter and darker versions of the colours that are already there, made our pages really pop! Perfect for wet and cold weather..

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In a number of classes, we also ran an art marketplace, learning about trading, value and exchange. We tore up our pages, and then held up our treasures, looking for what we wanted, and hoping someone thought what we had was a good exchange! Each person traded at least 5 pieces, even the ones who immediately said no I don’t want to swap! We tried to all work with an attitude of generosity, and making sure we asked clearly and made sure the other person agreed to the trade. People told me that their learning included:

“If I trade, I end up with lots more colourful pieces.”

“Trading is complicated”. I couldn’t agree more!

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