Opening of the St Mark’s Exhibition – my work and theirs.

This Tuesday I had the great honour of walking around a whole school filled with art-work that we had made together in class. So much risk-taking, creativity and experiment.


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Portraits, abstract work, drawings and collages, and all embedded in experimental process and finding out as we went along together. I hope that these techniques stay with them to play with and feel free in their art-making.

I spent the opening with my drawing, commissioned by the school:

Yes, it’s a big one! It was such a treat to share it with students and parents, who all spent lots of time communing, looking, and reflecting on it. Here’s what I had to say about it:

My concept, developed from working with the students, has been to develop a work that represents their journey towards and into their own creativity. I think of this journey as being like going through a door, beyond which is our own imagination. In my teaching and art practice I have experienced this, and witnessed it happen for many others; finding our way, not knowing which way to go, but experimenting and trying things out; being brave.

For me, creative practice is a powerful example of many of the St Mark’s values, especially being risk-takers. I have seen your pupils be so brave, trying new things, and being really present and honest about what they see and are looking at, leaving preconceptions behind.

My vision is that this artwork represents that search, and I hope it will remind them that this place is always within reach, it just takes the practice and faith in creativity to enter it, and begin their adventure.

It is as yet untitled – I asked everyone to contribute their thoughts… here are some of them:

THANK-YOU to everyone who made this amazing experience possible, all the staff, children, and particularly Markelle Archer, art teacher extraordinaire, and Kent Favel, Principal with a vision!

kent and markelle

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