My drawing practice

Drawing is an integral part of my practice, and move across figuration and abstraction.They are always expressive, active and embodied; often large, taking up space and creating space for bodies, alternative structures of meaning and experiment. I love the immediacy of drawing; every mark is right there, and attached to the body. Sometimes I find drawing like digging; searching for form through different layers:

Made of bigness

I draw from sculptures, and sculpt from drawings, in a back and forth of understanding form:

You are delicate enough, you are strong enough 2020mm x 1510mm

In the last few years I have brought the figure, both myself and others, into my work, with the energy of abstract drawing still present. Abstract drawing has always represented what it is like to be in and use a body; to move and experience it.

Body 2016 2000mm x 1090mm

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