What if? Naenae drawing workshops

Sometimes if you have a question, you gotta get out and ask it with others. What came up really strongly in this free workshop to explore where we live, is that “All of our perspectives are different.” I heard that in different ways, all day, and yes, you’re so right! I love drawing as a way to see that physically – we all naturally see and do things differently. When we make drawings, we can literally see how we think and perceive, and how all those perceptions make up a wonderful, vibrant view of where we live.

We started with drawing each other and getting used to the materials. And then we went outside! The day was beautiful, and we spent time looking – in the way we really look when we draw, noticing connections and details that we’d usually walk past. We were accompanied by beautiful busking, and people shopping at the local market. I love how curious people are when you draw, and how lovely it is to value where we live, by paying attention to it.


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