Free online drawing class! The Anti-Perfectionism (lockdown) recovery sessions

Kia ora I’m Sian, and I’m here to offer you a free online drawing class. It’s in response to Covid 19, and all the change happening in the world at the moment. It’s called the Anti- Perfectionism Recovery Sessions, and it’s a series of 4 drawing sessions using colour, charcoal, collage and writing that you can do at home, FREE!

These sessions are not about getting it right, but play, experiment, relaxing and coming to ourselves with acceptance, just the way we are right now. They’re designed as an antidote to the narrative during lockdown around being productive, like writing that novel or whatever!

They are a gift – funded by Wellington City Council and umbrellaed by The Independent Art Trust. Thank-you!

They are developed from a live course I’m teaching now, where people are saying they’re finding it liberating and relaxing. I’m recording 4 sessions so you can do them at home, in your own time.

I’ll tell you everything you need in advance, then guide you through the creative experience in the recordings.

If you’d like to receive these recordings, message me here and I will sign you up. (this is not a public comments section – just a contact form)

They’re coming soon! I look forward to drawing with you.

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  1. Helen Baker says:

    I look forward to this , art has been my savior during these uncertain times Kia ora .

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