The Anti-Perfectionism (lockdown) Recovery Sessions #1 – ‘Arriving with Ourselves’

Kia ora koutou!

Welcome, to episode 1 of the Anti-Perfectionism (lockdown) Recovery Sessions. Just like the title says, this is about relaxing, playing, and letting what wants to come out, come out, just the way it is.

It is audio only, so you can listen along and do it your way. There’s no model of how your drawings are meant to look – your way is the right way!

It’s one recording, which is 1 hour 90 secs long. It’s in sections, with a 4 second pause in between each one. So if you need a break, to set stuff up, etc, there’s a place to pause. Below is the menu:


Setting up – what you need

Introduction – What we’re doing and why

Grounding exercise

Warming up and getting going – 2 drawings that change as we make them

Setting up our arrangement / pile – a temporary sculpture to play with

A series of exercises and approaches to drawing our pile – 1 or 2 drawings in lots of layers

And here it is:

I’d love to hear how it goes! Let me know here, use the hashtag #antiperfectionismdrawingclass, or tag me #siantorringtonartclasses I’d love to see your drawings!

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