Sensitivity of touch – Episode 2 of the Anti-Perfectionism (lockdown) Recovery Sessions

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to the second episode of the Anti-Perfectionism (lockdown) recovery sessions. This one is just under an hour, and it’s called ‘Sensitivity of touch’.

These sessions have been developed in response to Covid 19 and all the stress and change we’re all going through at the moment. The hope is that it can provide a space to rest, explore, and be creative at home. All are welcome, and all drawings and efforts are wonderful! You don’t need to have ever made a drawing to do this, or think of yourself as an artist. Being a person keen to play is absolutely enough here.

It’s audio only, for you to have an experience like in class, to listen, and make in your own space and time. This piece includes a track from my band, Band Sensations, when we played in response to my recent exhibition, “I’m glad you’re here, just the way you are.” You can hear the whole gig here, and see some images of the show:

Here’s the menu:

Set up – a description of everything you need to do this session

Grounding exercise

Warm up drawings

Reflections (some words)

Music – a piece by my band – Band Sensations – listen and draw

Exploring through touch – your chosen object

Drawing from memory and touch

Adding what you see

Reflections (some words)

And here’s the episode!

I’d love to hear how it goes! Let me know here, use the hashtag #antiperfectionismdrawingclass, or tag me #siantorringtonartclasses I’d love to see your drawings!

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