Episode 3 of The Anti-Perfectionism (lockdown) recovery class – ‘Our Walk – Our Home’

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to Episode 3! In this episode we look at movement and building. You’ll need a range of materials, which are all described in the first part of the recording. I invite you to listen to that part, then hit pause and get set up for a lovely just over an hour of drawing.

Every class I think ‘This is my favourite’, and this one is no exception. I love to see what people build, and how we create strength, acknowledge vulnerability, and draw what we see, in our own ways. I’d love to see what you get up to so feel free to get in touch and share your drawings.

Mauri ora ki a koutou, and happy drawing!

Here’s the menu:

Set up – a description of everything you need to do this session

Grounding exercise

Our walk – an exercise in a few parts

Set up for building

Fast drawings and structures

Reflections (some words)

And here’s the episode

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