Episode 4 – Anti Perfectionisn (lockdown) Recovery class.

Kia ora!

So you just, draw that squashiness that  — soft — squishy perhaps? — cheek, two cheeks.

Welcome to Episode 4. This is the final one in this series, so I invite you to use whatever materials you’ve been really enjoying! Pastels or watercolour pencils will work well, but if you’re loving charcoal, or have bene playing with other materials, the page is yours, go for it.

I think I found this one the most relaxing, I hope you do too. Everything you need is described in the first part, and you can pause at any time if you need to take longer or just get a cuppa!

Here’s the menu:

Set up – everything you need for class

Grounding exercise

Feeling our way – a touch learning

Drawing from what we remember

Continuous line – back and forth

Looking at everything we did so far

And here’s the episode:

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