“There was a LOT of ideas and methods covered that I’d never have thought of alone, and have been able to take at least a chunk of that away and apply to what I do away from the classes.  I have attended beginner drawing classes before where I was shown techniques….What you put into this course was the part that turns mechanical lifeless drawings into something personal, something intimate, and eventually something of real value.  That’s not possible to read in a book, no amount of words would cover it as well as 4 short sessions did, and I’m sure that is only the beginning.”

“What worked for me was that the approach of this class was so different to others on offer.”

” I’m thinking about the wonderful experience I had with your group….I had no idea what to expect when I signed up. I was looking for a regular class – room to explore my Creative Process…SIAN you are a gifted teacher, accessible, warm and inspiring. Your teaching reached each of our diverse group with intuition and intellect. You also kept us all on track!”

“The pace of the class was great. 2 hours flew each time. The exercises were a revelation. I’d love to do more.”

“You guided prompted held us so we could put aside self judgement, comparison of technical ability, and explore the process freely.”

“Thank you. By participating  and committing to the moment of learning without judgement I gained so much.”

“This class would have been fun for ANYONE. The space was safe and welcoming, everyone got to share with the group, people were validated and valued. Even after a really hard day this class has made me happy. Really enjoyed the different processes and learning from doing things more and in new and different ways, building on existing knowledge and forgetting what I was trying to draw like.”

Drawing class