Artist residency at St Marks Church School – Week 1

I am the 2018 Artist in Residence at St Mark’s School in Wellington. I’ll be here all term, working with every class exploring expressive drawing. I’ll teach them exercises, respond to their projects, and make my own drawing to be displayed in the school. Today is Thursday and we have had a wonderful week so far exploring expressive drawing and methods…

We are following the Inquiry cycle, doing child centred learning and building our activities from their interests and goals. We have begun by Wondering – with this image of my work ‘Cave’ to spark off questions about how it was made.

Cave cover,3500mmx1500mm approx, charcoal and pastel on paper, 2009 $1500

They’ve had some fantastic thoughts and responses:

photo 4 (2)photo 4

including one of my personal faves “It’s dark, like a worm cave.”

and “If it were real, it would move quite quickly” (after discussion of it being a monster..)

We have made blind drawings of our walk / journey to school…

and used their descriptions of my work to develop instructions to draw from:

Now I am looking forward to seeing what the year8’s are up to tomorrow in their own projects!