The joy of being led

Yesterday in Expressive Drawing class, folk were talking about how lovely it is to be led for a change. A number of people who come to each class are usually leaders in their life or work, and it’s a relaxing change for them to be guided for once. And me too! Recently I have been learning some left brain stuff, namely, Excel. I shared with the class how great it felt to have things explained to me, shown to me, and be gently helped, with no judgement. It’s a vulnerable place to try something new, and I have so much respect for the people who come to class never having drawn before, but always having wanted to. That subtle yet insistent sense that, I think I could give that a go, if I let myself, and had some support. And the joy of finding out that it’s not as hard as you think. This week I got to look up some formulas, and make my first proper spreadsheet. I feel so hopeful, like I’ve opened to door of permission to a whole new level of ease and organisation. And tackled a fear. That’s my equivalent of being a person coming to class to draw for the first time. So brave, so hard, so simple, so liberating.

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